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The 10th Annual Small World Music Festival Sep 22-Oct 2: The Beat Of The Globe

Small World Music Presents
September 22 to October 2
Venues: Lula Lounge, Armenian Youth Centre, Yonge Dundas Square, Koerner Hall, The Great Hall, and Enwave Theatre

The tenth anniversary of Small World Music's signature annual program marks a milestone, both for the organization and for Toronto's world music community. Over the past decade, this passionate and dedicated organization has worked with thousands of people to weave the thread of world music through the fabric of the city.
As always, this year's Festival embraces the past and future of global sounds, showcasing new sounds infused with youthful energy and the spirit of cross-cultural collaboration that makes for a Brave New World of Music. As always, Toronto and Canada are proudly and diversely represented by the likes of David Buchbinder's Andalusia to Toronto, Autorickshaw, Eccodek, Njacko Backo, Boogat, Drumhand, Prince Enoki's Insect Orchestra, Lemon Bucket Orchestra, and The Tich Maredza Quartet. The festival's centrepiece Small World in the Square on Saturday, September 24 at Yonge Dundas Square. Appropriate to the occasion, this most ambitious day of programming in Small World's history will offer 10 mainstage concerts featuring sounds from all over the world -- absolutely free!!
For ticket information, artist bios and audio samples, please visit the Small World website at smallworldmusic.com.

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