Lasith (lasith) wrote in canadakicksass,

Cyber Infrastructure

I have been a loyal Liberal before I was voted and I have voted you in Millwoods for councilman.  I volunteered for the Young  Liberals since Mr. Dion.  Now as a Infrastructure Minister in  Justin Trudeau's cabinet I would please consider this approsal in Canada that I believe needs to be done now and fast in the 21st century.  That plan is having a smartphone for every smartphone for every person in Canada even 14 year old students and homeless in Canada we need to have this tool for everyone.  I also believe that these smartphones should be free, and as Infrastructure Minister you should create a free wifi network all over Canada from Coast to Coast to Coast.

Having thousands of these wifi spots even in Nunavut or Hinton and giving usernames and passwords for every person of Canada.  This will be necessary in this information age and quaternary industries will make Canada the greatest and productive economic engine to will reduce our deficit in 4 years. I Truly believe in this new brave world for Canada and I hope that you will also feel as deeply as I am.  I am excited to see your possible start in Edmonton as a pilot plan.  We hope that you will improve education and increase a lot of jobs.  Humbly awaiting you reply.
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